Coming soon a new low cost flowmeter:

Aluminium or 304 Stainless Steel

Plastic Wetted Parts Nylon
Bearings Sapphire
Seal Viton
Output Pulse, 1m cable (or longer, or customers connector), or 4-20mA
Connection 1/4 BSPf (or other)
Pressure rating 5 bar (or higher)
Temperature rating 70°C (or higher)
Accuracy ±1% FSD or ±3% FSD
Repeatability 0.2% FSD
Power requirement 8 to 30V dc
Calibration Traceable or uncalibrated
Price Very competitive (and depending on shipment quantities): from
1 off 190 Euros
10 off 160 Euros
100 off 130 Euros
1000 off 99 Euros
5000 off 75 Euros
15000 off pa 65 Euros

Designed, built, calibrated and despatched in the UK
CE Marked
Availability: Early 2006

These pelton wheel flowmeters offer good rangeability and very low flow rate measurement (e.g. 0.15 to 2.5 l/min on diesel). Typical applications are for the measurement of water, petrol and diesel. The standard unit will be available with 1/4 BSP connections but other sizes and styles can be designed and manufactured depending on quantities. Please contact us for any special requirements. A pulse output is standard but a 4-20mA loop powered version will be available.